Nevada Esports was founded on two principles, passion and dedication. In the spring of 2013, Nevada Esports became an officially recognized club on the UNR campus. That same semester, Nevada Esports held its first League of Legends tournament with a turn-out far exceeding expectations. With a solid grasp on the demand

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Turkey Throwdown Officers

for competitive gaming on the Nevada Campus, Nevada Esports became one of the first collegiate esports organizations to join TeSPA. With the help of TeSPA and a lot of hard work, NVE obtained a sponsorship from Plantronics worth over $12,000 dollars in the weeks before their third major event, Turkey Throwdown. Turkey Throwdown was the second iteration of an all-inclusive esports tournament on campus including League of Legends, Hearthstone, and StarCraft 2. After the success of Turkey Throwdown, Nevada Esports began a yearly rotation of esports events on campus, both competitive and casual.

The success of each event with the support of Tespa and Plantronics as keystone sponsors allowed Nevada Esports to become the largest club on the UNR campus of over 19,000 students, rivaling Greek organizations in member population.The acquisition of Plantronics as a major sponsor allowed Nevada Esports to procure other sponsors such as Monster, EVGA, and GUNNAR OPTIKS.


Break the Internet 2015

Nevada Esports cemented itself as a top tier collegiate organization with Break the Internet. Break the Internet is still the largest BYOC LAN in Northern Nevada, bringing in over 600 people, as well as successfully breaking the internet on the northern half of the Nevada campus. With over twenty events in the past, Nevada Esports seeks to continue providing quality esports events for the greater Northern Nevada area.Nevada Esports has since grown to have over 25 dedicated officers to help run events and previous officers have gone on to work and intern for Esports organizations such as Tespa and Blizzard. We are now looking to provide a regional presence in the collegiate Esports scene through events that bring collegiate teams and competitors from all over the west coast.


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