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Change Blog 12/12/2017

It took 5 months for another change blog!? das craazy bro

I have a Google Sheet for stuff I need to implement on this website. Check it out and comment if you have any suggestions!
Yea, I need to make a calendar for events so people won’t be so confused when and where each event takes place.

Change Blog 7/9/2017

I’m starting to work on other pages now that I’m pretty content with the front page. I’m still working on it, so expect some more optimization and more features on the site.


  • Work on event pages asap
  • Work on team pages
  • Work on a login system for officers
  • idk

Change Blog 6/30/2017

guys how do you build a website with squarewix get your 2 month free trial at audible.com/dollarshaveclub


  • Finish new front page
  • Mobile optimization
  • Add social media, Discord server, and contacts
  • Add information for upcoming events (tabs)
  • Update team pages
  • food


  • Started working on the new front page
    • Added the top graphic thing
    • Added mission statement (Temporary until we get a new one this year)
    • Added blog
    • Not much else lol
  • Posted an update to gauge potential of posts (not really a test, but I guess it can act as one)


  • Fixed links being opened in a new tab (I kinda like it like that)
  • New front page is now sort of dark theme in order for it to not blind people (may want to make it toggleable if I can)


  • Optimized the site a bit by taking out unnecessary junk
    • speaking of unnecessary junk, I don’t know how to get rid of these tabs. I probably need to update Divi builder in order for it to cooperate and let me delete these but we don’t have a license to Divi so yea cannot do that until Divi is updated
  • Added sidebar to see how that looks
  • hello, food?
    • food broke
      • not funny asshoe

Change Blog 6/6/2017

Do I really need change logs for websites? lol

  • Changed the change log into a blog format so I can get used to posting this type of stuff quicker.
    • Decided to call these Change Blogs now because it’s like a change log but it’s a blog now (hAHA hILArIOUS)
  • Working on a header for the front page
  • I’m going to try to avoid using the Divi Builder since it’s outdated and won’t function properly.

Contact me if you have any ideas!


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