How’s it going guys? This is your totally-not-late weekly update coming up! (Hey, I was sick; give me a break)

C&P’d from Discord:
Hey, everyone! We are happy to announce a 2v2 League of Legends tournament. It is an online tournament taking place on March 3rd at 12 noon, in which teams of two compete on the Howling Abyss. The first place prize is 1000 RP + Mystery Skin with prizes also extending to 2nd and 3rd. Anyone can play in the tournament so find a friend and have fun with us :smile:
Sign-up link:
YOU MUST create a Battlefy account and sign up for the Bracket here:

Spring Stadium is also coming up soon (March 10th)! I could not make the sign up page yet since I was sick, but I’ll try to set one up this week.