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Our mission:

“Nevada eSports is a UNR student ran club dedicated to uniting the local gaming community.”

Nevada eSports was founded at UNR with the intentions of fostering a bigger and better esports community. With over 200 members and 20 officers, Nevada eSports is an ever-growing club that has a positive impact on the Northern Nevada area and its community. Although we are located out of the University of Nevada, Reno; everyone is welcome to join (including non-UNR students)!

2017 November Monthly

Hello! Sorry for the short notice, but our next monthly will be hosted today (11/21) at 6PM in the Joe Crowley Student Union room 323. We’ll be playing 1v1 games and other casual games.

Autumn Arena This Saturday and Sunday!

Hello! If you aren’t in our Discord server yet, you can join through our custom link: discord.gg/NVE
By being a member of our Discord, you can stay up to date with all of our events and chat with fellow gamers on campus!

Autumn Arena is just around the corner! League online qualifiers start on the 18th, while the actual event starts on the 19th! Signups close tomorrow (11/16 at 11:59pm).
You can sign up for Hearthstone at anytime.
Links for the signups are here


LoL Lee Sin 1v1 Tournament

(C&P’d from our Discord)
Nevada eSports is hosting a FREE online League of Legends Lee Sin mirror match 1v1 tournament on Saturday, November 11th at 6PM! Winner gets a mystery box and chooses the champion of the next 1v1 tournament. The win conditions are first blood, first tower, or first to 100 cs. The format is BO1 single elimination bracket with semi finals and finals BO3. All participants must be from Reno or the surrounding areas.

Signup: https://goo.gl/forms/RSmtVznHh04WXAwt1 

Rules: https://goo.gl/vfqUva